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Melodic Entertainment will meet with you prior to your wedding to discuss  your unique needs. Melodic Entertainment will start by reviewing your order of events and the music that you would like played during your wedding and reception.

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Every wedding is unique so Melodic Entertainment will custom tailor your music to fit your individual needs. The evening should reflect your personality and tastes as a couple. Melodic Entertainment will work with you to create a list of songs you want to hear and songs you wish to be excluded.

Melodic Entertainment have a vast music library with songs that appeal to all ages. The Melodic Entertainment library genres include: Pop, Hip Hop, R & B, Rock, Oldies, Big Band, Jazz, Swing, Shag and Beach music, Disco, Dance, 80′s, 90’s and Top 40 hits. Melodic Entertainment will work with you to understand your taste in music so we know what to play for your wedding and reception.

Melodic Entertainment will coordinate all important wedding events such as the announcement of the bridal party, cutting of the cake, blessings, toasts, first dances, throwing of the bouquet and garter removal. Melodic Entertainment will make announcements so that your guests do not miss a single moment. You can have a little bit of fun with the throwing of the bouquet, and the garter toss or be as tame as you want us to be.

Melodic Entertainment will work with your caterer, photographer, venue staff and videographer to make sure they are all ready before making announcements and assure that the timing is perfect. Your DJ will see that the event flows smoothly so that the night progresses perfectly.

Wedding DJ packages include special lighting effects to get you and your guests in the party mood. Lighting effects include club style lighting for fast songs and a mirror ball type effect for slow songs to add a little romance. Being in historic Charleston, South Carolina, 20’s and 30’s Flapper and Swing music is another fun way to embrace this unique U.S. city. The Melodic Entertainment Wedding Lighting packages include the best in intelligent lighting effects.



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