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Wedding Vows

What should I write for my wedding vows?

Here are some personal thoughts on marriage and writing vows.  I hope they get the ideas rolling for you.

Try writing down some rough thoughts, refining the draft, and practice in the mirror over and over until you have memorized them.

Men and women are different…their vows should be too.

Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows

Vows for Him: Men have to accept the limitations imposed by a commitment to marry. Both husband and wife must exercise self-control and the acceptance of boundaries, but men tend to “ramble” more than women.

That being said, a man’s vows should be reassuring to his bride that he will be sticking around and protecting her.  The ONLY thing I know about women is that they desire security in whatever form that is for them personally.

Vows for Her: Women nurture and give life.  Tell him that!  Promise to make your nest as comfortable as possible and to be that beautiful woman he fell in love with for all your days to come.

Wedding Vow ideas: Friends together, pieces to each other’s puzzle, and a partnership.

However, referring to ”partners” rather than husband or wife gives no special challenge to the man to demonstrate the masculine qualities which he brings to a marriage.  Same goes for women and their feminine qualities.  In any relationship there has to be opposites to create balance.

Usually I don’t go deep like this but when it comes to marriage and ceremonies, Melodic Entertainment takes them seriously.

So please take your own vows seriously, declare them in public, and mean what you say.


-Jon Feist