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Charleston, SC as a wedding destination

Before: Charleston, SC is full of activities for your family and friends to enjoy BEFORE the wedding.    The boys can go skeet shooting or golfing while the girls go to the beach or get a spa treatment in preparation for the big day.

Charleston nightlife is alive and well with a variety of restaurants and clubs that cater to Bachelor and Bachelorette parties!

During: Charleston, South Carolina is dynamic and diverse.  A person would want to get married here on the beach, at a historic church, or at one of the many romantic plantations.

After:  There are literally hundreds of wedding venues in Charleston for your reception from extravagant to simple rooms.

Melodic Entertainment is familiar with them all!   Let us help you plan and produce the most epic week of your life!  We will make it unique to you and the memories you create here will be unforgettable.